The wonders of Rome (part 1)

The Wonders of Rome – Part One

Rome is an amazing city. It blends antiquity with modern superbly.
We have decided to “blog” some of our travels within this beautiful and historic city over the next few months.
The first takes us to an area near the Roman Forum known as Trajan’s Markets. Thought to be the world’s oldest shopping mall this area was only rediscovered in the late 1920’s and re-opened to the public about three years ago. It is superbly maintained and in great condition for a structure almost two thousand years old.
Love the cobble stone streets. Rough on the chariots but okay in your Roman sandals.
The complex, mostly of brick was built around 100-110 AD for Emporer Trajan.
The structure was built in a semi circular form over three levels. The facade is made of brick.
On the ground  and second floor are a series of small tabernae (shops) with wall frescoes and floor mosaics. The shops and the area in front of them would have been a hive of activity with produce such as oils, wine, seafood, fruit and vegetables being sold.
The upper levels consisted of “office style” administrative and government areas.
And as always, in places of such historical interest, you always come across the tourists.
Well must go now…more walking to do in this wonderful city.
Amore e baci a tutti.
Carolyna e Alan.

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