The wonders of Rome Part 3- Acqueducts





Rome is endowed with a wonderful water system. In fact there are so many water outlets throughout the city that pour forth fresh cool water that it is a wonder any bottled water is sold at all. It started with Acqua Vergine. Acqua Vergine is one of several acqeducts which serve the city of Rome with pure drinking water. The name derives from its predecessor Acqua Virgo which was constructed in 19 BC.



In an effort to restore fresh water to Rome during the Renaissance, Pope Nicholas V, in 1453 renovated the main channels of the acqua virgo and added numerous secondary conduits.


Beginning as rainwater falling in the Alban Hills to the East of Rome, then percolating through miles of volcanic tuff, the water springs forth in marshland approximately 8 miles east of Rome.



From there the water is carried by two separate acqeducts.



One travels underground via Villa Ada, Villa Borghese, Villa Medici, Piazza Di Spagna and the Trevi fountain.



This is known as the Acqua Vergine Antica.


The second, Acqua Vergine Nuova branches into two channels.



One passes just behind Piazza di Spagna into Piazza del Popolo.



Here is Jacqueline refreshing her bottle for drinking this pure vergine water.



The other pases around Borghese gardens toward Piazzale Flaminio into Piazza del Popolo.



This is at the Piazza di Spagna



Today, as in days of old, the acqua vergine is regarded as furnishing the purest drinking water in Rome.




It is reputed for its restorative qualities.




Pure drinking water



Many people to this day can be seen filling water bottles at this water source














Near the Vatican


Near the Spanish Steps












Another tourist filling up


Ciao e baci a tutti


Carolyna e Alan


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