Christmas in Rome

Natale (Christmas) decorations began to emerge at the beginning of December everywhere in Rome. Even in the entrance hall of our apartment building.
Buon Natale or Merry Christmas is very prevalent throughout Rome in December.  Beginning from early December the city lights up even more than usual.
Fendi at the end of Via Condotti have given their building a special kind of magic!
Santa in Via Condotti handing out gifts and posing for photos with children…
One of the biggest Christmas fixtures in Roma is in Piazza Navona.  Stalls with piles of sweets, stockings and toys are set out in the centre of the square alongside pavement artisits and families out for a fun time!  The celebration ends on Epiphany, the day dedicated to ‘La Befana’ the witch – 6 January.
Bernini never thought his fountains would be a backdrop for the stalls and balloons!
Every child wants to go on the merryground….mmm…where is Alan?
and what about a pancake with Nutella…..Italians loooove their nutella…Carolyna!
or some hot roasted chestnuts (caldarroste)….very popular!
or some yummy freshly made fairy floss…..
would you like to buy some Christmas decorations?
Even Barilla pasta gets in on the act with an ad dominating Piazza Navona.
Thankfully…..a little charity….selling pointsettia’s for leukemia!
At our local coffee shop with the much sought after panetone
Italians love their Christmas panetone
Every street seems to have their own special decorations….here are just a few…..
Via Borgognona filled with Christmas shoppers
Cola di Rienzo
Via Frattina
Via delle Carrozze
Via Condotti
Via Delle Croce at night
And then individual shops and hotels like to have their own as well!
and of course our favourite restaurant
One of the main symbols of Christmas festivities throughout the world is the Christmas Tree…….well Rome has certainly erected its share…..enjoy these
Via Condotti with le caldarroste (roasted chestnut) sellers
Vittorio Emmanuel Monument
A simple tree at Piazza Nicosia
To another grand one at Piazza del Popolo at the top of one of the entrances to Borghese Gardens
And at night
Looking from Piazza del Popolo at (from left) Via Babuino, Via del Corso and then Via Ripetta all alight!
at night with everyone wanting their photo taken in front
Half way up the Spanish Steps looking down Via Condotti
There are also many nativity scenes and other indications of Natale throughout the city.
Here is a 500 year old one specially presented in the Pantheon
And below is the stage setting for the nativity scene at the Spanish Steps
And then an annual (amazing) display of nativity scenes from throughout the world at Piazza di Popolo called “Presepi”. If you are ever in Rome at Christmas it is a must see. Below are just some of the exhibits.
Buon Natale e felice anno nuovo!!
Carolyna e Alan