Cythera, Kythera or Kithira – Greece – In the Agean sea

Our first visit to Kithira to visit a friend proved well worthwhile and rewarding.

caroylyn april 2013 458

Kithira is an island to the south of the mainland and is about 250 square kilometres with only 4,000 inhabitants.

caroylyn april 2013 466

It has a long history with inhabitation traced back to 4000 years BC. Here is a view of Kapsali from the castle in Chora

caroylyn april 2013 480

Inside a beautiful Greek Church in the island’s capital Chora.

caroylyn april 2013 485

The priest from Avlemonas preparing to make candles in the mountain monastery overlooking the town

caroylyn april 2013 495

One of the many swimming spots. This one is in Avlemanos where Helen of Troy reputedly bathed

caroylyn april 2013 528

Overlooking one of the many small fishing ports on the island

greece april 2013 857

The town of Chora. April was not tourist season so we had the many small towns to ourselves.

greece april 2013 872

From Chora overlooking a church and resting place

greece april 2013 893

An example of one of the beautifully restored buildings on the island. Note the ancient sundial over the door.

greece april 2013 909


greece april 2013 938

This roof is on an old church

greece april 2013 959

A lovely valley on this rugged volcanic rocky island

greece april 2013 901

On the Agean, the island is blessed with clear pristine waters

greece april 2013 876

And also beautiful sunsets


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