La Foce – Tuscan garden paradise

Originally built in the 15th century as an Inn for pilgrims and merchants travelling the historical Via Francigena towards Rome. “Foce” means “opening” or “meeting place”

la foce 324

la foce 323

italy carolyn sept 685

italy carolyn sept 691

italy carolyn sept 740

italy carolyn sept 731

In 1924 La Foce was bought by Antonio and Iris Origo who engaged the English architect Cecil Pinsent to extend the buildings and develop the garden.

Iris was of Anglo-American descent and was brought up in Florence.

The gardens are absolutely superb growing gradually from 1924 to this day. Today the estate is owned by the daughters of Antonio and Iris who continue the tradition. Here are just some of the scenes of the garden

la foce 334

la foce 336

italy carolyn sept 832

italy carolyn sept 678

la foce 354

italy carolyn sept 693

la foce 351

la foce 339

la foce 347

la foce 356

la foce 360

la foce 363

la foce 365

italy carolyn sept 703

italy carolyn sept 710

italy carolyn sept 718

italy carolyn sept 725

italy carolyn sept 774

italy carolyn sept 775

italy carolyn sept 796

This is well worth a visit. In summer it is open on Wednesdays from 3pm every hour until 7pm and the first weekend of the month. At Euro 10 this is a real bargain.

And lunch beforehand at Doppo lavoro, an estate restaurant is highly recommended

la foce 312

La Foce

53042 Chianciano Terme (Siena)

tel: +39 057869101



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