Bagno Vignoni – Spa town- Tuscany

Bagno Vignoni sits on a hill above the Val d’Orcia just south of San Quirico and about 20 minutes by car from Pienza and slightly further from Montalcino and Montepulciano.  The name of this ancient village derives from Vignoni, already a famous castle in the 11 C, whose traces dominate the hill over the village. The thermal waters were frequented by the Romans.

jacqui italy 2013 067

It is known that Catherine of Siena stayed in Bagno Vignoni several times, taken there by her mother in an attempt to dissuade her from taking the Holy Orders. Visits by Pope Pius 11 Piccolomini and Lorenzo the Magnificent, who stayed for a period in 1490, also bear witness to the popularity of the baths.

jacqui italy 2013 078

The vicinity of the bath to the Via Francigena, the pilgrims route to Rome, persuaded the less-hurried travellers to experience the natural spa waters of the town.

jacqui italy 2013 071

Two modern day pilgrims dipping their feet in the hot springs.

jacqui italy 2013 084

It is a beautiful town and well worth a visit. A number of good restaurants (not too expensive) and some spa hotels. Also some interesting shops. Parking is easy just on the edge of the town (meter).


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