Montepulciano – Southern Tuscany

One of the three major towns in southern Tuscany is Montepulciano. Situated on a hill at 600 metres above sea level it dominates the south eastern area of Tuscany. Centre of a great wine making area famous for Nobile di Montepulciano

jacqui italy 2013 193

The main Piazza close to the highest point of the town

jacqui italy 2013 230

jacqui italy 2013 232

Many narrow streets link the major thoroughfares

jacqui italy 2013 226

One of the major streets that are usually devoid of motor traffic and prominent with pedestrians

jacqui italy 2013 229

There are many wine cellars where you can explore the cavernous subterranean cellars. Cantucci is just one.

jacqui italy 2013 223

jacqui italy 2013 207

And the views from the walls of the town are spectacular

jacqui italy 2013 236

jacqui italy 2013 237


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