Sant Antimo Abbey – Tuscany- Italy

Sant Antimo is a famous abbey situated south of Montalcino. In existence in 814 it was located on the Via Francigena route between Rome and Northern Europe. It sits just under the ancient village of Castelnuovo dell’ Abate with dates back to the third century

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At its height, the Abbey owned large tracts of eastern Tuscany from Lucca in the north to Orbetello in the south.

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The great years lasted up until the fall of Montalcino, on 12th June 1212, to the Siennese who forced the abbey to sign a treaty surrendering a quarter of the territory of Montalcino in Siena

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After the transfer of the abbey to the ownership of the new Italian state in 1867, a long period of physical restoration began that ultimately saved the whole building. The restoration was initiated in 1872 and finished in 1895, bringing the church to its current appearance. In 1992 religious activity was reinitiated.

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The church is active today and you can ofter hear beautiful chanting from the monks

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