Provence – France

Provence is one of the treasures of France. A great area to visit and enjoy.

The main street of Cours Mirabeau in Aix en Provence.

Just an interesting photo outside an antique shop in Aix.

Street market every day at Place Richelme in Aix en Provence.

Fresh colourful fruit and vegetables.

And even the odd sunflower.

Aix En Provence is famous as the home of Cezanne. This is the studio where he was actively painting at the beginning of the 20th century.

Garden surrounding the studio.

Restaurants in Aix were excellent. Food superb.

Here we are with the chef/owner of Le Formal restaurant in Aix situated at Rue Espariat

The country outside Aix en Provence is a combination of mountains and valleys with rugged outcrops.

Of course, the lavender fields near the “lavender town” of Sault are beautiful.

Many interesting towns in Provence. This one is Monts de Vaucluse.

This town has an amazing spring which is reputed to be one of the most powerful springs in the world.

The spring emerges at the foot of a cliff and from this a beautiful river with cold crystal clear water emerges. The spring comes from a number of mountainous sources covering over 1100 square kilometres and this is the only outlet for those sources.

The spring emerging as a river in the town.

Town centre with the crystal clear spring waters.

Another interesting town was Rousillon which is surrounded by Ochre hills, a colour typical of the region. This area was mined until more recent times. It is now a conservation area. Brilliant colour.

Another town was Beaux which was an old fortified town that was the military centre of the region for some time. Old turrets, and military equipment still exist.

Well, that’s all on Provence, for the time being anyway.


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